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Beet the Sun
Beet the Sun
Beet the Sun
Beet the Sun
Beet the Sun
Beet the Sun
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Beet the Sun

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Beet the Sun SPF 40 PA+++

Barely There Chemical Sunscreen (50mL)



A lightweight chemical sunscreen that’s made to look and feel like your skin. It has UV and antioxidant properties from supercharged beetroot extract to help defend against the sun and other environmental aggressors without any extra drama.

A Simple Solution to a Once-Complicated SPF Protection

We’ve all been there before. You’ve completed your skincare routine and now you’re trying to find the right sunscreen so you can get on with your day. But now you’re faced with so many options and too many SPF facts that’re making you, your brain, and your skin go haywire.

Enter Beet The Sun SPF 40 PA+++! We formulated it to remove the barrier that once made us stressed out when thinking about sun protection. With its truly universal formula and full transparency from production to launch, it’s the sunscreen you know that has your back and wants to keep reaching for again and again.

What else you need to know

It's Back and It's Beet-er

In case you couldn't tell, Beet The Sun is super charged with beetroot extract to help skin fight against free radicals and protect against harmful UV rays. Forget about beast mode... It's time to get into beet mode!

White Cast Who?

Sorry, we don't know 'em. Beet The Sun seamlessly blends into any skin tone without leaving behind a white cast or any greasiness. Plus, it’s light-weight enough for any skin type or routine, so just put it on and stay worry-free!

Barrier Support Group

Beet The Sun is formulated with propanediol, a barrier supporting natural humectant to help prevent skin damage and water loss. Feel free to lean on Beet The Sun when UV rays get a little toxic.

Hydration Station

Get in, winners! Beet The Sun has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated. Leave behind tight and dry and say hello to supple moisturized skin while you're on the go.


Pairs well with: Oat So Simple Water Cream

When you're craving: Gentle, extra hydrating sun protection
Why it works: Lightweight hydration meets defense against harsh UV rays and other environmental aggressors.
How to use: Apply moisturizer as needed then follow up with sunscreen.
Extra Tip: Allow sunscreen to absorb into the skin 15 minutes before sun exposure.

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